Nordia paper baking products for distributors

For distributors

We keep stock of the products in our catalog to ensure immediate availability to our clients.

Reliabilty, speed and precision

The quality of our products is historically recognized by our customers.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important for us.

Our sales team is at your service on a daily basis to answer all your doubts and questions.

Nordia stocking facilities
Nordia baking molds for tarts
Nordia cardboard trays
Nordia baking cups
Nordia paper display items
Nordia presentation products

A rich catalog for all needs

Our catalog offers a wide range of products meeting all market needs:

  • baking molds: a single product from baking to final presentation. Our molds are suitable for freezing, baking and / or microwave oven.
  • cardboard supports: rigidity and reliability, declined in a wide choice of sizes
  • paper baking cups: many colors and customizations available
  • paper lace: functional and traditional
  • cake decorations: in permanent and seasonal ranges.
Nordia catalog

The catalog of our products

Distributors in the world

We are located in over eighty countries in the world with local representatives and an efficient distribution network. If you are looking for a distributor fill out the form and we will show you the one that best suits your needs.

Business contact

Contact us for any request or commercial information, we will reply as soon as possible.

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